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The Ninch

The Ninch curates the best eats, drinks and to-dos on the Mornington Peninsula.

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The Ninch has been a personal passion of ours for a number of years. We love the Mornington Peninsula, and the people who call it home — it's pretty darn amazing. We took it upon ourselves to do something to help this place and its people get noticed. Originally building a following on Instagram, we created a website go-to for folks near and far to read, explore, discover and interact with.


When the Mornington Peninsula is talked about, it's often wrapped up in seaside clichés. But there's so much more to uncover than sandy beaches.


We built a site that highlights all the talented locals, hidden spots, and must-visit venues to showcase The Ninch for what it is.

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"Marcel and the team are fantastic to work with. They use clear communication, and are able to deliver an authentic product which matches the brief."


The Ninch has seen significant growth since the website was launched.

+7000 impressions per week in Instagram

30% increase in followers since site launch

200% increase in enquiries

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