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Custom Website Design

Custom websites are designed from a blank canvas — if we can imagine it, we can build it. Built on the Mornington Peninsula, we integrate your brand at a high level and add features like animation and transitions that make the site stand out and capture attention.

Custom Website Design Mornington Peninsula / ONETOO

Why go custom?

We can customise UI (User Interface) between desktop and mobile sites, and develop a landing page generator to optimise the experience for all your users. This is really handy for both SEO, and SEM activity. We can quickly deploy multiple variations of content, messaging and imagery, and optimise to maximise our return on ad spend. We can then use insights to refine your messaging for other marketing activities.

Design & wireframes  

Knowing what you’re trying to achieve, and setting direction are important parts of any journey. It’s no different here. Once we’ve considered business, marketing and experience goals, we put pen to paper and sketch out the map. Developing wireframes is a lightweight approach to test concepts and ensure reliability so we can better understand the scope of further design and development. Shortly after, we get into the nitty gritty of design, pixel by pixel, device by device, understanding how your brand framework sits within a digital design system that’s alive, active and delivering results. We build with real content allowing you to see and understand the feel of your site before a line of code is written.

Custom Website Design Mornington Peninsula / ONETOOCustom Website Design Mornington Peninsula / ONETOO
Custom Website Design Mornington Peninsula / ONETOO

Content management

Editing your site should be easy. And intuitive too. No more backend management and publishing, without even knowing what it might look like. Edit your site, on your site. You’ll find yourself changing images, text, adding blog posts and services with ease. This means you can manage your site without ongoing fees just to do the most simple of updates.

Found you

What good is a beautiful site without having people to come and say hello? A goal of any site is to connect with your audience, whether that’s to educate, transact or enquire, but how the heck do they get there? How do they find you? Search engine optimisation ringing any bells? This is all about having your site found in Google. From page structure, hosting, content and markup. We consider your site, your goals and implement a number of SEO strategies to help you kick goals and maximise your performance.


As part of the ONETOO family you’ll have our ongoing support and attention. Once we’ve built a website, we don’t disappear into the shadows of the dark web. We stick around, answer calls and help you on your business journey. No question is too small.

Screen time

The way people are interacting with brands in the digital space is changing. Sometimes people are viewing your website via a desktop computer on their lunch break. Other times it’s the 4inch screen on the commute home. Either way, it’s important that your brand experience is nailed, and consistent across all screen sizes.

Plug it in

Websites are living a breathing, and more and more what a website requires is changing. Chat automations, email marketing, social media, custom integrations, the list goes on.  Your website is a digital hub and needs to continually evolve and meet the growing needs of customers.

Read it and weep

What’s a good site without good content? An empty box wrapped in pretty packaging. We spend time with you working out what you need, and how that informs what content should be on the site. Why have a blog if you don’t need one? Why over complicate a homepage? We pair all of our sites with beautiful copywriting and photography — like a good meal with fine wine. Content is the backbone that gives your website meaning, and holds it all together.

Nerding out

No one wants to be fiddling with DNS records, hosting or page verifications. We’ve got you covered. Within all our sites, we update the records, launch it on blazing-fast hosting and get it all ticked off by Google. Rest easy knowing your site will work across all browsers and devices.

Measure twice

We’re performance-led. The digital world moves quickly and we have to keep pace. We adjust what we’re doing, and look at how we can improve your website and our processes.

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Transparency in a budget helps us work out what is achievable for project, and allow us to get the best result for your goals.

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Transparency in a budget helps us work out what is achievable for project, and allow us to get the best result for your goals.

We're excited. We can't wait to meet. Follow us on Instagram / LinkedIn.
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