Email Marketing (EDM)

Social media is everywhere but struggling to see your message cut through the crowds and your most important customers? Email marketing is a great way of doing just that! We make beautiful emails with images, video and links, we make reaching your fans and sharing your content really easy! 

Make the most of your customers. Chances are if they've purchased from you in the past, they're likely to do so again in the future. Do you have anyway of letting them know about your new products or a special sale your having? Pop it right in their inbox with an beautiful email. 


Why should you choose OneToo email marketing? 

  • Reach your customers! Did you know email marketing has the higher engagement rate compared with social media

  • We integrate it with your OneToo website and can automate welcome emails and reminders!

  • Having a sale? Let your fans know and send them special discounts!

  • We don't just set it up and wish you luck! We design the templates based on your business' brand and needs!

  • Email marketing is a fantastic way of keeping your fans up to date with everything and sharing content!

  • Target people based on previous online or offline purchases

  • Beautifully designed and mobile-friendly emails are better than plain text? Yes, they are!

We're confident we can accommodate any budget. 

Want to talk more about email marketing?   Interested? Contact us. 

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