The OneTooThree #2: Nike Entered The Future + Twitter Hits 10-Years + Matt Corby Finally Releases Debut

The OneTooThree is a curation of what's happening across the world in culture, music, tech and design. It's about stuff that inspires the team at OneToo and features three highlights from the past week. 

1. Nike Has Finally Released Self-Lacing Shoes

The future has finally come! As predicted by cult-classic film, Back To The Future, we now officially have self-lacing shoes! The release comes after a sneaky preview of the technology late in 2015. However, it may not be exactly as we might have imagined, the shoe has a small battery that will require charging every couple of weeks. Perhaps a small price to pay considering the 'cool' factor. 

Wired did a full write up here. 

2. Matt Corby Releases 'Telluric'

This week we've been playing the debut release of one Australia's most exciting artists, Matt Corby. Telluric is a mishmash of feelings and at times travels genres with ease, at other points it can tend to feel unnatural and forced. Overall the album is a solid debut considering. Despite traversing timbres and eras, the release has a number of strong singles that are going to appeal to many listeners. 

 After entering Australian Idol as a teenager, the now 25 year old has some interesting thoughts on the show and admittedly regrets even entering. It's always a interesting path to travel as a musician to enter shows such as Idol, while the exposure may be beneficial there's often a number of hidden consequences that leave serious artists like Corby dealing the ramifications for years down the track. 

3. Twitter Turns 10!

It's official! Twitter is now a decade old! It's hard to believe as personally, Twitter has really only existed in my consciousness since around 2011. The last couple of years have been quite difficult for the now publicly listed company as it's failed to acquire new users at a healthy rate and it's been plagued by uncertainty within its leadership having just assigned co-founder Jack Dorsey as the CEO. 

Whether Twitter will be around in the way it is today in 10 years is hard to predict. If anything does seem certain, it's that Facebook is rapidly growing its reach and engagement with users on a variety of platforms such as Instagram, WhatsApp and its newly found interest in VR. 

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