Website Design: Zukuka Bora

Zukuka Bora exist to help local farmers in Uganda produce specialty coffee for the world. So when Zukuka Bora came along wanting a website, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to help them out and return the favour. 

If you've ever been to Commonfolk you may be familiar with their initiative called 'The Cup That Counts', of which the money raised has gone to Zukuka Bora. And what's really special, is now the coffee paid for by the customers of Commonfolk, is now being served at Commonfolk. 

We helped Zukuka Bora with producing a site, that explains their unique model within the coffee industry, allows them to share news, and even tell stories of local farmers. Too, Zukuka needed to be able to reach wholesale coffee buyers from across the globe, and now, they can do just that. 

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