What Is Your Website Saying? Hint: This Is Why Landing Pages Are So Important

As it turns out, your website is actually saying a lot. A lot more than what you just have written. On a side note, most people probably won't be reading 90% of your text either. Well, if they're not reading text, what are they reading, what else is my site communicating? 

What am I getting at? Our attention spans are getting shorter shorter. You might have heard this stated by a TV personality now and again on a breakfast show. If you're extra observant, you might have noticed this in yourself too and the way you view the world. Instead of digging deep into all rich information on any given website, you jump on your phone spend five or so seconds on the page and if it doesn't look quite like what you're after, you leave. 

We Could Get Technical But Not Today

Now we could talk about A/B testing your landing pages. We could talk about CTAs, CTRs, click sites and all of that. But that's a conversation for another time, today, I want to talk about a landing page experience, and the implicit link that people create between what your website says and what they understand about your business. 

So What Is A Landing Page?

By the way landing pages are just the pages visitors land on when visiting your website. You could broadly define a landing page as any page people come to when arriving on your website, or you could approach it with giving thought to specific action funnels. Action funnels being a series of actions/clicks needing to be taken by a customer to arrive where you want them to arrive.  

Perception: It's Our Reality

We like to think we don't judge a book by its cover but truth be told, we all do it. And given we're so time poor, we often spend the time we do have looking for cues that make us feel safe about the decisions we're about to make. Now, we all shop online, how many times have we not gone ahead with a purchase because the website doesn't 'look' that good. While the website might be entirely safe and secure, because of the quality of the site, we make a quick judgement and determine putting in our credit cards details might not be worth the risk. 

The important thing to note here is that the website could be completely safe, yet in the situation,  instead of making sure if was or wasn't, we made a judgement based on its appearance. We used a heuristic judgement of good quality equals safe. We can then say, that we often don't act on reality, but on our own perception of reality.

What About Your Customers? 

If that's how you browse the internet, what does that say about your customers? If you do it, I have no doubts they will too. Given, if you look at your website's homepage, what impressions do you get, and how do these impressions align with what you actually want to be communicating to customers? 

Is your website filled with stock photos? What does that? What would it say if you hired a photographer for half a day, and used those photos instead? When visitors land on your website, do you give them direction on what to do? Or are you happy to just let them look around? What about colour? What about space? What about the typography used? What do all these things say about you and your business? 

We Have To Realise We're All A Bit Fickle

So, as it turns out your website it saying a lot, and potentially communicating things your customers that you don't really want it do be. Part of developing a good experience for your customers is not only providing the end service or product that they might be seeking, but managing their impressions and perceptions along the way. It's managing this that makes the big difference in turning viewers to buyers. 

Here at OneToo, we do just that. We realise that there's hundred of web designers who can make websites, but there's not that many that approach building websites from a wholistic customer perspective.  We make websites that say what you want to say to your audience. 

Simply, we build websites for your customers, not just you. 

Want a website for your customers? Touch base with us, OneToo.

Marcel McCarthy

I am a New Zealander. I have lots of nerdy facts in my head because I listen to way too many podcasts. I appreciate good socks.