Video is one of those things that just keeps growing. In more and more ways, we're all seeing more of it! It's on YouTube, it's on Facebook and Instagram! Video is a highly engaging medium and one that allows messages to communicated in coherent and creative ways. At the heart, humans are storytellers, video is simply a modern day equivalent of sharing stories! It's not often you hear about book going viral. Yet every single day, day after day people are choosing to engage in video and choosing to share it with all their friends.

To engage your customers in the 21st century, video is not just nice to have, it's an important component of you digital strategy.


Why should you choose a OneToo video? 

  • Video offers a unique way of presenting your brand and your services to your customers in an accessible way.

  • We put faces to brands and businesses! You're real people! Do your customers know that?

  • Some people don't like reading! They'd rather watch a video instead! Does your brand cater to all types of people?

  • We believe in purpose before profits. We'll help guide you through the thinking and structure of a video so you get the best result with the most impact.

  • Did you know YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world? Are you on it?

  • 74% of all web traffic will be video by 2017!

  • We believe in storytelling, let us help tell your story!

We're confident we can accommodate any budget. 

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