The OneTooThree #1: Miike Snow iii + Marble Music Machine + Google's DeepMind A.I.

The OneTooThree is a curation of what's happening across the world in culture, music, tech and design. It's about stuff that inspires the team at OneToo and features three highlights from the past week. 

1. Miike Snow -  iii

If you haven't come across Miike Snow before, you might be missing out. 

The three producers have recently dropped their third LP under the moniker. 

Genghis Khan is an instant highlight, in saying that the album has a few surprises and is definitely a development and step in new direction from previous records. 

2. A Crazy Machine That Makes Crazy Music

If you haven't already seen this crazy contraption you're missing out in a big way. It one of the weirdest instruments I've ever seen, to be fair it's really a combination of instruments but nevertheless, it's very cool. 

Wired did an interesting write up here

3. When AI Beat One of the World's most complicated games

This week signified a huge set forward for Artificial Intelligence, depending on your view of course. As some of you might have guessed, I'm talking about Google's DeepMind beating the world Grandmaster at the ancient Chinese game of Go. And not only did the master lose three times in a row, the A.I. won 10 years before it was predicted that it would. 

Before hearing about this, I had never ever heard of the gamer before but simply, you could explain it as cheese on steroids. It appears simple on a first glance but after a small amount of investigation, you can see why Google are using it as a benchmark to develop A.I.

The Verge did a quick video explaining why this is so significant and they even explain briefly how the game is played. 

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