Digital Marketing

We live in a digital world and so many opportunities are right in front of us, just a few clicks away. 

1. SEO

Search engine optimisation is an important part of online marketing. This is free, organic based marketing. Search engines like Google use algorithms to work out what pages and websites will best respond to your search terms. 

2. SEM

Search engine marketing (SEM) is different to SEO, because this is a paid for service. This involves submitting key search terms and bidding for user clicks. 

3. Social Media

Need to promote your business to locals? Or want to reach specific people to sell your products? We can help! We use detailed targeting to reach the right people and make sure your digital goals are reached. 

4. EDM

EDM stands for Electronic Direct Mail. 

As well as engaging social media for a number of campaigns, we also extensively use email-marketing to reach customers and share exclusive offers and opportunities. EDMs are highly targeted and have fantastic ROI. Campaign Monitor suggests that for every $1 spent, EDMs reliever $38 in return. 

We design beautiful and effective campaigns, ones that reach your audiences and get results.  


Want to talk more about email marketing?   Interested? Contact us. 

Marcel McCarthy

I am a New Zealander. I have lots of nerdy facts in my head because I listen to way too many podcasts. I appreciate good socks.