The One Too Story

We live in a pretty amazing world. 

We have computers in our pockets. We can talk to people anywhere in the world. We're more connected than ever before. We are truely living in a global economy, trade has no borders. The Internet allows a sole trader to sell products and services across the world. Business is can be said to be both local and global. 

This is where the One Too dream comes into play. The Internet is both a wonderful and daunting place. It's full of opportunity, yet you have to know how to make it work for your benefit. Early on in our journey we found that lots of small businesses, artists and craftspeople had brilliant ideas and products yet weren't really sure how to get word out or how to make their passion sustainable in a global economy. 

The people we work with are full of passion and have dreams to impact the world for good. They're knowledgeable and creative, they simply love what they do. One Too's mission is to help them do it better. Whatever that looks like, we want to support, encourage and champion these brave and bold people and thrive in a digital world. 

Whether you're a local coffee shop that has dreams to help those across the world, those who grow the coffee we all enjoy here in Australia or if you're just starting out and following your passions. We're here to help you fulfil your vision. We're here to help you reach your full potential. 


Marcel McCarthy

I am a New Zealander. I have lots of nerdy facts in my head because I listen to way too many podcasts. I appreciate good socks.